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Miky PCB Design presta el servicio de Diseñar el circuito impreso

de acuerdo a las recomendaciones del cliente,

 conservando la confidencialidad y privacidad de la información

ya que el diseño es de propiedad de nuestro cliente.

Además si requiere armar su circuito y no dispone de los medios

podemos proporcionarle ese servicio


for the world



Miky PCB Design serves To design the circuit printed

according to the recommendations of the client,

conserving the confidentiality and privacy of the information

since the design is of property of our client.

 In addition if it requires to arm its circuit and does not have means

we can provide that service to him






In house facility of MIKY PCB DESIGN now open to public.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design facility is waiting your order now.

The PCB artwork available on paper, file/diskette or mailed directly to your e-mail as .PDF or .PCB or other files.

You may also have a print out of your circuit diagram.

This standard/professional drawing will make up your archive.

Quality PCB designs delivered on time within budget

Design special team  



Miky Pcb designs are able to undertake all aspects of PCB design.

Form prototype to mass production. All areas of design technology are covered eg.

High Speed Digital, Analogue, RF,SMT, SSD, Micro Via etc.

Using state of the art CAD systems combined with our design engineers in depth knowledge

of manufacturing and assembly processes, EMC and signal integrity issues.

We are able to provide a PCB design service that meet your specifications, first time.

Our main area of expertise, is reducing cost through intelligent design.

DFM (Design for Manufacture) has been the buzzword in the PCB industry for some years now,

but few people really understand it's true meaning or how to fully implement it.

We form close working relationships between Electronics Engineers, Designers, Bare Board Manufacturers,

Test and Assembly facilities. Identify problem areas before they become an issue.

Make recommendations that could possibly increase manufacturing or assembly yields on volume product.

This approach shortens the design cycle, reducing the time to market,

which in turn reduces the overall cost of a project, leading to a more cost effective product.

Perhaps you do not have a circuit or any PCB data.

We can reverse engineer most bare PCB's and provide you with up to date schematic diagrams and PCB design data.

if you have a PCB design requirement, mail us now, and lets discuss how together we can reduce the cost of your product.

Call for more information on our PCB Design Service, and our Protel DXP  Auto routing Service.


Fill in the order form, PCB size, PCB outline and part list.

Any device/part which is not in the list then attachment datasheets files .


Click here to download the Order-Form & Part-list Form (under WordPad)

Click here to download the Order-Form & Part-list Form (for example and Design quote request   )


High part count for small PCB size will take a lot of man hours and higher
design cost. Please consider of using double/multi layer PCB.
Foot print (dimension) is required for non-standard part. Draw part layout
in milimeter block/sheet ; also include pad size and bore hole diameter



Files of circuit diagram, check plot and artwork will be sent free of
charge to Customer e-mail. Delivery of hard copy via post or express
mail is subject to shipment cost.


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